Consulting and Advisory

Our data scientists, analysts, and industry experts architect solutions that enable our clients to gain actionable intelligence from their data, tools, and technology.  Our differentiator is our ability to truly understand the business needs of our clients in order to provide the right, most cost effective solution.  Complex analytical problems are our specialty.


Analytics-in-a-Box (SaaS)

We create innovative, industry specific, BI/data analytics products that are hosted in our data center using a SaaS model. SaaS enables our clients to eliminate the overhead of maintaining their own infrastructure and development team.  D2Strategy takes care of development, data integration, and ongoing support/maintenance for a low monthly fee per user.

Solution Implementation

Our engineering team uses the latest technologies to deliver innovative analytics, BI, and data warehousing solutions on your premises.  Our graphic designers ensure that your dashboard deliverables are intuitive and attractive to improve adoption of the solution.

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